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Southern Suburbs Chess Club

Southern Suburbs Chess Club

Southern Suburbs Chess Club

Southern Suburbs Chess Club


2015 Southern Suburbs Open

The 2015 Southern Suburbs Open began on Tuesday 17th February and concluded on Tuesday 31st March. The tournament was run as a 7 round ACF-rated Swiss, with 1 round per week. The time control was 60 minutes initial time, with an increment of 15 seconds per move.

This was the first tournament held at Southern Suburbs Chess Club, and it attracted a field of 27 players, with several strong local players in the top half of the draw. It was pleasing to see plenty of new faces, and also to see several junior players participating.

Congratulations to the winner, Ihsan Ferozkohi, and the runner-up, Adam Kelly. Both players finished some distance ahead of the rest of the field. Adam was away for Round 1 and had to take a half-point bye, but then won his next three games to get to 3.5/4, a half-point behind Ihsan. The Round 5 game between Ihsan and Adam ended in a draw, which meant that Ihsan was able to maintain his narrow lead. This turned out to be just enough, as both players won all of their remaining games.

Prize List


1st: Ihsan Ferozkohi (6.5/7)
2nd: Adam Kelly (6/7)
3rd: Dennis Holland (5/7)

Under 1850

1st: Marlon Apostol (4.5/7)
Equal 2nd: Gordon Dunlop & Gavin Adam (4/7)

Under 1500 & Unrated

Equal 1st: Colin Koehler, Jon Prunty, Allan Natividad & Jacob Holland (3.5/7)

Best Junior

Ignatius Yap (4/7)


No  Name                Feder  Loc Total   1    2    3    4    5    6    7  

1  Ferozkohi, Ihsan      WA    2207 6.5   21:W  9:W 10:W 12:W  2:D  7:W  4:W  
2  Kelly, Adam           WA    1850 6      0:D 20:W 16:W  4:W  1:D  8:W  5:W
3  Holland, Dennis       WA    1921 5     27:W 15:L 14:L 20:W 22:W 18:W 12:W
4  Gilmetdinov, Edik     WA    1886 4.5   26:W 12:D 13:W  2:L 15:W  6:W  1:L
5  Chin, Albert          WA    1946 4.5   23:W 13:D  8:D 10:W  6:D 11:W  2:L
6  Apostol, Marlon       WA         4.5    8:L 25:W  9:W 16:W  5:D  4:L 14:W
7  Ellis, David          WA    1986 4.5   24:+ 10:L 22:W 14:W  8:D  1:L 16:W
8  Saleh, Akef           WA    1986 4      6:W 16:D  5:D 18:W  7:D  2:L  9:D
9  Dunlop, Gordon        WA    1849 4     17:W  1:L  6:L 21:W 13:W 12:D  8:D
10 Yap, Ignatius         WA    1699 4     19:W  7:W  1:L  5:L 18:L 15:W 23:W
11 Adam, Gavin           WA    1769 4     13:L 23:W 21:W 15:D 12:D  5:L 22:W
12 Hardegen, Andrew      WA    2020 3.5   14:W  4:D 15:W  1:L 11:D  9:D  3:L
13 Koehler, Colin        WA         3.5   11:W  5:D  4:L 19:W  9:L 14:L 21:W
14 Prunty, Jon           WA    1427 3.5   12:L 26:W  3:W  7:L  0:D 13:W  6:L
15 Natividad, Allan      WA         3.5   22:W  3:W 12:L 11:D  4:L 10:L 18:W
16 Orssengo, Girma       WA    1657 3.5   25:W  8:D  2:L  6:L 24:W 20:W  7:L
17 Holland, Jacob        WA         3.5    9:L 21:L 27:+ 24:- 26:W 22:D 20:W
18 Ahmed, Sakib          WA    1695 3      0:   0:W 26:W  8:L 10:W  3:L 15:L
19 Lugovskoy, Andrey     WA         3     10:L 24:D 23:W 13:L 20:- 21:D 25:W
20 Bart, Tony            WA         2.5    0:D  2:L 24:W  3:L 19:+ 16:L 17:L
21 Woodhill, Scott       WA    1651 2.5    1:L 17:W 11:L  9:L 25:W 19:D 13:L
22 Fardoe, Alan          WA    1665 2.5   15:L 27:+  7:L 25:W  3:L 17:D 11:L
23 Berry, Jordan         WA         2.5    5:L 11:L 19:L 26:W  0:D 24:+ 10:L
24 Wijesuriya, Rahal     WA    1138 2.5    7:- 19:D 20:L 17:+ 16:L 23:- 26:W
25 Walker, Andrew        WA         1     16:L  6:L  0:W 22:L 21:L 26:L 19:L
26 Drake, Brian          WA         1      4:L 14:L 18:L 23:L 17:L 25:W 24:L
27 Choudhury, Avijoy Roy WA         0      3:L 22:- 17:-  0:   0:   0:   0: