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2016 Southern Suburbs Fischerandom Championship

The 2016 Southern Suburbs Fischerandom Championship was played on Tuesday 12th April and Tuesday 19th April. Eight players participated in a round-robin, with 3 rounds played in the first week and then final 4 rounds played in the second week. The randomised starting positions gave rise to a number of interesting positions with a range of tactical possibilities, and there were many closely-fought games.

The time control for the first 3 rounds was 20 minutes with 10 seconds increment per move. In order to accommodate the extra round on 19th April, the time control for the remaining 4 games was reduced to 15 minutes with 10 seconds increment.

Congratulations to Dennis Holland: 2016 Southern Suburbs Fischerandom Champion. Dennis played solid chess throughout the event: on numerous occasions he demonstrated superior endgame technique to convert advantageous positions into wins.

Joel Octaviano finished second, on countback from a newcomer to the club, Poupak Mohammadi, who won the Rating Group A prize in his first tournament. Ian McAteer won second prize in Rating Group A.

Rating Groups

Open: Dennis Holland (1857), Lorenzo Escalante (1840), Simon Ayling (1792), Gavin Soutar (1700p)

Rating Group A: Joel Octaviano (1600p), Darrian Low (1514), Ian McAteer (1500p), Poupak Mohammadi (unrated)



1st: Dennis Holland (7/7) -- $30
2nd: Joel Octaviano (5/7) -- $20

Rating Group A

1st: Poupak Mohammadi (5/7) -- $20
2nd: Ian McAteer (2/7) -- $10


The final crosstable is shown below:

About Fischerandom Chess

Rules and information pertaining to Fischerandom Chess (also called Chess960) are provided below:

Fischerandom Chess is said to favour creative players who do not rely so much on opening theory, and who also have the ability to calculate and navigate non-standard positions accurately. It is an instructive experience, for chess players of all levels.

Results - 2015 Southern Suburbs Fischerandom Championship